ready for your new life?


I’ve always been the least active of the bunch. Not sure whether it was just laziness or insecurity telling me I couldn’t do something. For whatever reason, I’ve spent the majority of my life sitting on the sidelines watching while others challenged themselves and reached their goals.

Fast forward to 40-something.

It recently dawned on me that I’m over the hump, hill or whatever you want to call this hurdle.  I’m not getting any younger, I’m seeing the wrinkles, the loose, patchy and dry skin.  I don’t wanna be old!  I don’t wanna be outta shape!

But most of all…. I don’t want what may very well be my destiny…

A life riddled with auto-immune disease.  

I’m the youngest of 8 so I’ve been able to witness what life has planned for me by watching about half of my family spend countless years trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with them!

I don’t want it. No thank you.  Nope. I’ll pass.  

So here I am, trying to find happiness to conquer my depression, confidence to silence that nagging voice that says “you can’t” and a healthy mind, body and spirit to protect me against this fucking disease that has my loved ones hostage and genetically speaking, me in it’s sights.

Maybe you can relate to this.  Maybe you just don’t wanna get old. Maybe you’re just curious and wonder whether what I tell you is something different than what you’ve already heard.  I’m no expert, that’s for sure.  This entire website, outside of my massage therapy practice blurb, is me on a platter.  So whatever your reason, click follow and let’s see where this takes the both of us.

Who knows, you just might accidentally GET WELL WITH ELLE!

Who is this Elle, I’m suppose to get well with?


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